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Optimizing Your Blog

Welcome back!

In our last post we spoke about setting up your blog, so if you haven’t read that go back and read that before going through this post.

Once you have your blog attached to your website, you’re ready to start optimizing it and customizing it for your own liking.  The first part you’ll be focusing on is the look and the feel of your website.

If your website is built in WordPress, Weebly, or one of the other big website platforms, you can easily get a nice professional look to your site.

If you’re on a platform like that you can purchase a “theme” for your website.  A theme is pretty much you purchasing a “done for you” customization and them personalizing it from there.

Themes Are The Way To Go


There are literally thousands of themes you can choose from, so it’s a matter of finding one that you like.  There are even themes for specific niches where it comes with features that are good for you business.

Let’s say you were a limousine company.. there are themes that have the functionality in them for potential customers to search your inventory.

We just did this for a limo client of ours HuntingtonPartyBus.com.

That’s pretty cool because years ago that would’ve costs you thousands of dollars to have someone build that for you, and you can literally go and get it for under $100.

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