Set Up A Blog On Your Website

So it’s time to dig in and start looking at how to being running traffic to your website.  Don’t let this overwhelm you, as it can seem like a pretty daunting task.

Take things slow.  Slow and stead really does win the race.  It’s not about how fast you go, it’s about how consistent you are.  Most people never get anywhere with this stuff because they never stay consistent enough.

It’s a bunch of start… stop.  Start… stop.  Then they rinse and repeat that patter for a while, get no results, and then eventually give up.  That’s probably the truth for about 90% of the businesses that put up a website and decide they want to start driving traffic.

Don’t Quit!

Don’t let that be you.  Are you going to have challenges?  Heck yea!  But if you stick it out and learn a few new skills, this could change the entire appearance of your business.  Ask yourself if that’s worth it.  Is it worth it to learn some new skill and have to jump a few hurdles along the way to increase the results in your business?

I don’t think I need to answer that for you if you’re still reading up to this point.  So get out some paper and a pencil, roll up your sleeves and lets start learning.

Let’s assume that you already have a website at this point.  If not you can set one up in minutes at sites like WordPress, GoDaddy, etc.

If you already have a website, do you have a blog?

A what?  Did someone sneeze?!  A blog is just a platform that allows you to write articles, known as blog post.  You can easily attach one to your current website.  The guys over at are doing a great job of this… have a peek.

Here’s a few reason’s why you want to do that:

  1. Adds new fresh content to your website… and Google LOVES that!
  2. Gives your potential customers a reason to come back and visit your website
  3. It positions you as the expert/teacher in your niche
  4. Allows you to add value to people before you ask them to purchase your products or services

Now that you’ve established it’s a good idea, how do you go about it?

The first step is to install a blog on your website.  There’s already a blogging101good chance that the website platform you are using has a blogging feature that you can just simple turn on with the tick of a box.

It all depends on what you’re website is built on.  If it’s on WordPress, Joomla, or any of the other very popular website creation platforms it’s very easy to just add it to your site.

If there isn’t an option, then you can always install a blogging “plugin”.  That’s simply a piece of code that someone has written and has allowed you to install it to your website with 1 click.

It shouldn’t be that hard to add it to your site.  If you’re having problems getting a blog installed on your website, then here are a few options that you have:

  • Contact a web programmer
  • Google “how to install blog on my website”
  • YouTube “how to install a blog on my website”
  • Talk to the little 10 year old up the block

Hopefully by now you’re understanding a bit more about what we’re looking to do here.  Remember, this is all a learning process.  Don’t get frustrated if all of this still sounds like another language.  We’ve been there, and it’s our promise that we’ll help you move from where you are now to driving traffic in a DIY fashion.

We’ll continue on the next blog post about how to optimize your blog and make sure you have it setup correctly.  That might sound like a BIG undertaking, but we’ll walk you step by step.. and it really sounds a lot scarier than it truly is.

Any questions let us know.  See you on the next post… and watch this video for more info!

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