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In our last post we spoke about setting up your blog, so if you haven’t read that go back and read that before going through this post.

Once you have your blog attached to your website, you’re ready to start optimizing it and customizing it for your own liking.  The first part you’ll be focusing on is the look and the feel of your website.

If your website is built in WordPress, Weebly, or one of the other big website platforms, you can easily get a nice professional look to your site.

If you’re on a platform like that you can purchase a “theme” for your website.  A theme is pretty much you purchasing a “done for you” customization and them personalizing it from there.

Themes Are The Way To Go


There are literally thousands of themes you can choose from, so it’s a matter of finding one that you like.  There are even themes for specific niches where it comes with features that are good for you business.

Let’s say you were a limousine company.. there are themes that have the functionality in them for potential customers to search your inventory.

We just did this for a limo client of ours HuntingtonPartyBus.com.

That’s pretty cool because years ago that would’ve costs you thousands of dollars to have someone build that for you, and you can literally go and get it for under $100.

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Set Up A Blog On Your Website

So it’s time to dig in and start looking at how to being running traffic to your website.  Don’t let this overwhelm you, as it can seem like a pretty daunting task.

Take things slow.  Slow and stead really does win the race.  It’s not about how fast you go, it’s about how consistent you are.  Most people never get anywhere with this stuff because they never stay consistent enough.

It’s a bunch of start… stop.  Start… stop.  Then they rinse and repeat that patter for a while, get no results, and then eventually give up.  That’s probably the truth for about 90% of the businesses that put up a website and decide they want to start driving traffic.

Don’t Quit!

Don’t let that be you.  Are you going to have challenges?  Heck yea!  But if you stick it out and learn a few new skills, this could change the entire appearance of your business.  Ask yourself if that’s worth it.  Is it worth it to learn some new skill and have to jump a few hurdles along the way to increase the results in your business?

I don’t think I need to answer that for you if you’re still reading up to this point.  So get out some paper and a pencil, roll up your sleeves and lets start learning.

Let’s assume that you already have a website at this point.  If not you can set one up in minutes at sites like WordPress, GoDaddy, etc.

If you already have a website, do you have a blog?

A what?  Did someone sneeze?!  A blog is just a platform that allows you to write articles, known as blog post.  You can easily attach one to your current website.  The guys over at TimeAndFreedom.com are doing a great job of this… have a peek.

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Welcome To Our Website!

Welcome to our website!

We’re excited that you’re here with us.  We’ve been spending a lot of time testing and running traffic in ways that you can do it yourself… and now we’re ready to share them with you.

We’ve been laying low behind the scenes working out the details, testing and testing some more.  This was to ensure we only share strategies that work… not just some pie in the sky hype stuff.

This website is mainly for the small business owner or the solo entrepreneur that’s looking to take the marketing into their own hands.  Some people are paying big money to companies to manage their marketing, and they’re not getting the results they’re looking for.

So stay connected to our blog here as you’re going to learn some good stuff that you can put right into use, that will drive leads and customers into your business.. and that’s the name of the game.

If you’d like to contact us, you can do that over here.

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